About Us

Since September 1 2010 , when Sydney & Chef de Cuisine Pauline opened the doors of S & P HOT POT RESTAURANT, They have been making their mark on the world of Jamaican & American Cuisine with top-notch Jamaican fare. In 2009, Sydney venture into Atlanta Georgia, with His new fresh and healthy Jamaican cooking concept . in 2010, S & P HOT POT RESTAURANT began serving fresh, healthy and authentic Jamaican dishes in an intimate and inviting setting in Lilburn with subdued lighting, soothing earth tones. The staff has been able to elevate Jamaican & American cuisine by using only the freshest ingredients with absolutely no canned vegetables. His secret to success is preparing every dish with the highest quality ingredients available while using the finest cooking ingredients . His ingredients are known for being lighter, flavorful, and always starch free. they even prepares both chicken and vegetable broth daily in the kitchen for fresh soups and sauces.

“What you eat is an important part of your life.” It is no surprise then, that the central concept of S & P HOT POT RESTAURANT philosophy is to cook healthy, flavorful meals. Even the most popular Jamaican dishes have been recreated with health concerns in mind. Every dish is prepared and cooked with Olive and trans-fat free vegetable oil, resulting in 50 percent less saturated fat intake while still maintaining its delicious and authentic flavor. Healthy dining is beneficial to everyone, but particularly those who cope with medical conditions. S & P HOT POT RESTAURANT is well known for customizing his fresh and flavorful cuisine to suit his customer’s dietary needs.

S & P HOT POT RESTAURANT menu is known for having a wide selection of healthy and tasty dishes, including a wide assortment of Fresh Jamaican vegetables. Their dishes are prepared the way you like them… steamed, grilled or plain sautéed with fresh garlic and ginger. With its emphasis on absolutely fresh vegetables, S & P menu is a goldmine for vegetarians. As they constantly strive to improve their menu, S & P recently made an adjustment to use wheat-free soy sauce, to better serve customers looking for gluten-free options. As S & P says, “It’s important to be attentive to customers and make them feel important.”

Authentic is another word that S & P HOT POT RESTAURANT takes seriously. they recommends some truly authentic dishes on the menu. The Oxtail , which are slow-cooked for four hours in a savory brown sauce and last, but not least, butter bean are all time favorite Jamaican style dishes. Don’t leave without trying some of the House specials.

Fresh, Healthy and Authentic is his motto, and teamed with friendly attentive service, and a warm and comfortable atmosphere, S & P HOT POT RESTAURANT has their customers happy and coming back for more. As written in a restaurant review, “The portions are generous, the prices are extremely reasonable, the atmosphere is low-key and relaxing, and the food is just terrific at S & P HOT POT RESTAURANT & Jerk center

Sydney Always say “ Almost Right is Always Wrong